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Fix the Cuba policy!

This is a letter I sent to my Congresspeople

I commend both the House and Senate for lifting restrictions on travel to Cuba.

It would be an insult to our democratic principles if the Cuba amendment never reached the president's desk for his signature.

I understand that a key House-Senate Conference Committee that has the power to ensure that the Cuba amendment does, indeed, find its way to the president will be meeting soon.

Please do everything in your power to stop any legislative trickery that would result in the Cuba amendment being eliminated before the president has a chance to consider it.

I will be watching how this issue is resolved. Our policy toward Cuba has been controlled for far too long by a tiny, reactionary minority of Cuban exiles. I am sure they have a reason for their anger toward their former homeland, but that anger is hardly the soundest or most rational basis for a national policy.

Indeed, it seems reasonably obvious, given our experience in Cold War Germany, that the best way to bring down a Communist dictatorship is to force it to interact with a free neighbor nearby. It took us forty-odd years to bring down the "German Democratic Republic," but it did happen. Just imagine what Cuba might be like now if we'd been following a similar policy toward that island nation!

I should also note that it was just today that the overwhelming majority of the civilized nations of the world voted to condemn our embargo policy toward Cuba. Even Britain voted against us. The only votes we could beg, borrow, bribe, or steal came from Israel and the Marshall Islands. That should tell us something.

Change the policy on Cuba--and do it now!


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