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Oh, for an independent judiciary!

I believe in the value of an independent and diverse judiciary. Unfortunately, most of Mr. Bush's nominees to the critical District Courts of Appeal, only one step below the Supreme Court, are motivated by clear ideological motives that include opposition to reproductive choice, an extreme interpretation of property rights, and hostility to basic civil rights. At this critical moment in American history, this is not the time to try to pack the courts.

Bush's strategy is particularly galling in that it was his party that kept moaning about the "judicial activism" of President Clinton's nominees (relatively few of whom the Republican-controlled Senate could be persuaded to confirm; in some cases, the nominees were denied even the courtesy of a hearing). Apparently now that Bush is in the seat of power, his views about an activist judiciary have changed: since that is just about the only kind of nominee he has brought forward to date.

Given the questionable legality of Mr. Bush's administration, his extremist attorney general, and particularly in view of his seemingly overwhelming commitment to fomenting war in Iraq, I submit that this is hardly the time to cut away any part of our system of constitutional checks and balances on government authority. Since Congress apparently lacks the cojones to stand up to our cowboy/gangster president, I can only hope that an independent, open-minded judiciary will step up to the plate.


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