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Sharon: Withdraw from the West Bank!

This was a letter I sent to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon:

I am writing to request that you withdraw Israeli forces from the West Bank. The world stands united in calling on you to reverse your attacks. Your actions, far from increasing the security of Israel, will damage Israel’s moral standing in the world and weaken the physical security at home.

Please withdraw from the entire West Bank immediately. I make this request as an American citizen who is proud to be able to say that he has twice visited your country--and who would very much like to do so again. But I cannot in good conscience support your policies toward the Palestinian minority in Israel. Nor am I at all pleased with the fact that your troops are blockading one of Christianity's holiest sites, so that even the bodies of the dead cannot be removed from the Church of the Nativity. Please, Mr. Prime Minister, believe me when I tell you that your actions are winning you no friends in the United States or elsewhere in the world. I and my friends support Israel's right to exist, and to defend herself from aggression: but that is not carte blanche to violate human rights and international treaty obligations.

For the love of Ha-Shem, Mr. Prime Minister, end this conflict!


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